Other IdeasListen now (3 min) | This month's live video features added production values and actual other musicians. It's an important one to me.
What happens when a person stands on a stage?
Live Archive: Feet Don't Fail Me Now on BBC Radio 2Listen now (4 min) | Remembering the late great DJ Janice Long
Open thread: can you help me pick an album cover?My new album is called Some Things Are Like Other Things. It’s time to sign off the artwork. Lynn Hatzius, an absolute master illustrator, has d…
Dead Fathers ClubListen now | Trigger warnings: grief, terrorism, Tony Blair. You might want a strong cuppa for this one, it's quite a tale. Ready? Sure? Then let’s…
Tickets please. I'm playing some shows again this year, at last.
20 free tickets to a filmed show this Tuesday night.
Childish ThoughtsListen now (4 min) | A song about the event horizon of parenthood, featuring effects-processed kids toys and instruments.
Open thread: Songs about conflict and warWe can’t lose ourselves in the suffering of others, but we can’t be blind to it either. We can’t give thugs free reign to torment innocent peopl…
I Found A New Room In My House TodayListen now (4 mins) | A song based on recurring dream I've had since I was a kid
And working out their secret motivation for turning up at your house
Asking For A FriendListen now (4 mins) | I'm performing my new album live, song by song, no particular order, one each month. Here's #2.