Yes it's gone 10pm, but at least I remembered

December 2022

Reuniting with myselfWatch now (2 min) | A short video post, with 3 options tailored to your level of seasonal panic
I write a song every year around this time. Here's one from 2021.
I write my wife a song around this time every year. Here's one from 2017.
Live session: 3 songs I've lost touch withListen now | A 15 minute audio post.
Hello SKOSH readers! A little later than planned here is your monthly digest of newsletter posts.
Open thread for paid subscribers - Why did you do that?!Welcome paid subscribers! It’s so tempting to get carried away here. You’re the most important ones! The most special! Let me come round your ho…

November 2022

Big news today
Open Thread: Share your good gift storiesHey folks Maybe we can inspire each other a little bit today. What good gift stories do you have? I’m thinking of times when you or someone else…
Trace It BackListen now (3 min) | A song about the power of little ripples, filmed live from the metaverse.
A rejected Carphone Warehouse advert given a second chance at life

October 2022

Listen to the album now: There are many platforms to choose from. If I may play waiter for a moment whilst leaning over…