May 18, 2022 • 3M

Other Ideas

This month's live video features added production values and actual other musicians. It's an important one to me.

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Watch the live video for Other Ideas, listen to the song above, download an MP3 here.

Other Ideas featuring John Parker (double bass) and Patsy Reid (fiddle).

The song

One thing I’ve learned from hanging out with lots of folk musicians over the years is that songs don’t necessarily have to reinvent the form to be good. I like that idea, and the blues agrees. Do an old thing well and it somehow feels new.

Am hoping this song could sneak into category.

Like several others on this album it was born not long after my daughter, in the hazy moments between sleep and awoken. This happy shuffling me was a great songwriter because he was too tired to second guess himself. Instead of sticking his oar in like he usually does, he just quietly got out of the way and let the song through whilst making a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Truth is, and I know you’ll be staggered at this revelation, I do have a tendency to occasionally overthink things a little. Whilst caught up in what may have been I’m actually just busy missing the present. Other Ideas means a lot to me as a reminder to stop stressing over outcomes, let go and appreciate what I have right in front of me.

Like all good folk songs it has a generous number of choruses. You might even consider joining in with some of them on my upcoming UK tour? I even attempted this myself on this video, mainly because everyone else in the room was concentrating on playing instruments or holding cameras.

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1 of 3 in a series

It feels so good to make music with other people again.

We shot this at Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield. Home to several of those trendy vegan places with that interior decor they love so much on Instagram, and also my audio / video production studio friends Northern Cowboy Films. Money well spent on both counts.

My huge thanks go to John Parker, Patsy Reid, Mark Lewis and David Haynes for taking part. Wonderful people at the top of their game. Full credits below.

We shot three videos in total, so two more still to come…

Any thoughts?

Your comments are always a highlight of these emails for me. Good song? Meh? Let me know here. And if you know someone else who might like it, please pass it on.

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Liner Notes

The booklet part.

John Parker - playing a recently-range-extended double bass. A brother for life.
Patsy Reid - playing a fiddle which she would really rather was not modified in any way thank you very much. So great to work with her again after she contributed to the album.
Mark Lewis - video / audio production, Northern Cowboy.
David Haynes - video / audio production assistant.
Thomas Dibb & Lauren Housley - absent-on-this-occasion Northern Cowboys but wanted to give them a mention too. Huge congrats on the new baby.


Lately I've been dreaming again
Kind of a dangerous thing to do
Last time I ran blind into the darkness
Betting that I'd find the light
Waited for the world to send its riches
To follow me close behind

But the world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind
The world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind

All I wanted was everything
To quiet that voice inside
So with hard work and all I learned
I put it all on the line
Waited for the world to do the decent thing
And give me all I desire

Still the world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind
The world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind

Lately I've been dreaming again
But this time I'm bulletproof
Cos every wrong turn I ever made
They all led me to you
Now I see the world gave me plenty
And I'm thankful every night

That the world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind
The world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind

The world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind
The world had other ideas
Other ideas in mind

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