Jake Morley’s Famously Loss-Making Email Newsletter
Jake Morley’s Famously Lossmaking Email Newsletter
Hands: the big-money live video

Hands: the big-money live video

I think I saved the best to last with this live video series. Well... I like it a lot anyway.
Hands (live) featuring John Parker and Patsy Reid

Faced with the tough decision of whether to rehearse today for the start of the tour, which starts in just a couple of days, or write a barely-quarter-arsed email to you my response was firm and decisive. The guitar playing must come first. With that kind of strong leadership in the face of difficulty I can’t help wondering if I should consider running for office.

Partly it’s comes down to which environment I am most clearly confronted by the resulting success or failure. Which is most salient, hardest to ignore?

For example, email stats are just numbers on a page. While you delete a badly written email, cursing my name to hell and back, I am obliviously eating a bowl of delicious homemade soup. While you chuckle at a well-written email I am being somehow pulled into an old WhatsApp group thread for a 5-a-side football group I no longer play in. Either way I’m not quite present at the moment of delivery, so it’s easy to shrug it all off.

But it’s really obvious when playing a successful show that it feels great, and the reverse is very much true also. So it’s only natural to put in a little extra effort there. Never underestimate an artist’s need to comfort their fragile ego.

Hands Live Video

Isn’t that the same thumbnail I shared above? Yes. Yes it is. Because you’d already forgotten it hadn’t you? All that talk of soup and such. And I need you to click it real bad, clicky clicky, like and subscribe. Blame me all you like but I know how all this works. I am in your brain.

The last of a trilogy of rather nicely filmed live videos, this one is maybe my favourite.

Recorded with John Parker on double bass and Patsy Reid on fiddle by Northern Cowboy Films, it’s a completely different approach than the studio version which is here and I for one am proud of it.

Watch the live video here, listen at the top or download the MP3 here.

Watch now

Please do share it about. Why not send it to a relevent blog? Or print out a screenshot and hold it up on Oxford Street? Perhaps accidentally include the link within an important work email to your CEO and then backtrack later that you see an analogy between the songs themes and the current business climate? Just ideas I dunno, feel free to get creative.

Comments always welcome. I’ll post updates from the road, very excited to be playing again. Loads of love Jake.

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There’s also a video playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Z0AIn26cVAsafDmGO87vQctd9wLty6Y

Live dates

Friday 23rd September - Totnes Barrel House. The Glasshouse support. Tickets.
Saturday 24th September - Bristol The Exchange. Read this first.
Friday 30th September - Coatbridge Georgian Hotel. 4 tickets left.
Saturday 1st October - Berwick-upon-Tweed, Repas7.
Sunday 2nd October - North Yorkshire Old School House. Tickets.
Monday 3rd October - Leeds Oporto. Tickets.
Wednesday 12th October - Suffolk Bull Inn. Tickets.
Thursday 13th October - Suffolk Bull Inn. *SOLD OUT*
Sunday 16th October - London Green Note. *SOLD OUT*
Friday 21st October - Brighton Folklore Rooms, Annie Dressner supports. Tickets.
Saturday 22nd October - Winchester Railway Inn. Tickets.
Wednesday 26th October - Manchester Rose & Monkey. Tickets.
Thursday 27th October - Nottingham Running Horse. Charity Stow supports. Tickets.
Friday 28th October - Lintrathen Lodge At Lochside. Tickets.
Saturday 29th October - Carnoustie Dibble Tree Theatre. Tickets.
Sunday 30th October - Tayport The Larick Centre. Tickets.

See all dates on a map here: https://share.jakemorley.com/livemap

Here is that important work link you were meant to send to the CEO.

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Jake Morley’s Famously Loss-Making Email Newsletter
Jake Morley’s Famously Lossmaking Email Newsletter
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