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I come from a long line of talented, artistic and creative people.

I have often wondered if I am adopted.

I can come up with something that I think can change the world (the non-boiling kettle anyone?) but get sidetracked and instantly forget everything about it.

I live in hope of finding my field of creativity, I just suspect I haven't got 51 more years to discover it...

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It feels like being a connector. It feels like desiring community with others and chasing that solution. I have this thing in me that I want to get out and get into someone else’s head, to show beauty, anger, some kind of emotion. If I’m lucky all the words that are chasing themselves around in my head organize themselves into something with decent comprehension and hopefully like a traffic jam at the opening of my mouth they come out slowly but precisely.

I can only see something dare I say miraculous when good songwriters convey something that actually makes me take notice. How do you not get tired of chasing the same progressions to reorder melodies that feel dishonest? Trying to use words that approach what you really mean?! How do you overcome that feeling of “birthing those children” and loving them for what they are and not what you hope they will be?

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First, I love the fact that you used WLIIA? as a jumping off point for this post. Fantastic show.

Second, the references/mentions to some of your various works adds to more of the background of the artist (you) which i find intriguing since so many tell such intricate stories on their own.

As for sharing creativity, I used to be heavily involved with theater back home, but age and responsibility has removed me from such a life. Now, I find my creative outlet with my daughter.

My wife is from China and we want our child to learn Mandarin first to preserve her heritage. This is particularly difficult, because I don’t speak much of it (growing up in a small NY town). So, any little creative juices I have go to teaching something that I’m also learning at the same time. Right now, I’m lying on the floor of my kid’s room, placing these little pog-like discs over my mouth and asking her what animal is printed on it. If she said it right (tones and all), I give a thumbs up and blow it into the air so she can try to catch it (hasn’t gotten one wrong yet).

Every day, it’s a new game, book, song that I come up with with what little Chinese I know, in the hope that the student will surpass the master (my wife, not me. I’m no master!).

It’s childish in a way, but all creativity comes from the 9-year old version of ourselves Deep inside us all. And if it’s a benefit someone, to ourselves or others, than that creativity is never wasted.

Now, I’m off to read a book in a language I don’t fully understand, complete with animal noises and funny voices. Wish me luck!

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