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Tiny Songs: Running Song

Short ideas for a distractible world

When writing a song, there’s usually a hidden assumption - it must be 3 minutes or longer.

It likely harks back to the time limits of a 45rpm single, and our collective attention spans.

But audio formats and attention spans have changed since then, and sometimes it feels like 30-60 seconds is all a song needs.

I’ve written a whole bunch of these and call them tiny songs.

Here’s one I wrote to remind me to go running. In the spirit of tininess, I’ll just leave it here and wish you a wonderful week.

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PS sorry if there are a couple of pops in the audio, am trying to keep things fast and fun here.


This is a song to remind me to go running
Cos I'm a fool and I cant be trusted
Once your out, the joy will flow
So lift that burden do as your told
Don't give me no shit. I don't wanna hear it.

For God's sake man

Cos there's a version of me
Who faces a breeze
Still a frightful mess
But ever so slightly less so

This is a song to remind me to go running

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