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Reuniting with myself

A short video post, with 3 options tailored to your level of seasonal panic

1) For those in a massive stressy rush:

Happy Christmas! Thanks so much for reading and listening this year.

2) For those with a little more time:

Check out this short video post from a Winter Lights Festival I played at a couple of nights ago. Or read this gist of it:

For a while, I stopped recognising the person who used to write and play songs. In their place was someone else, someone tired, lost, and scared of being looked at or listened to.

My ambition for 2022 was to reunite with that person I used to be, to feel like an artist again. To recover the sense that I’m still good at this, that the person who does this isn’t a stranger, they are me, back in the room, renewed, rebooted.

Email by email, gig by gig I’ve totally done that, and it feels really significant for me. A big part of that is all of you who have read and listened to things I’ve posted here. So a huge thank you to… you.

Next year I want to put all that earlier stuff behind me, to write, tour and (hopefully) record with fresh confidence.

3) For those serenely drinking wine surrounded by completed to-do lists, and basking in the glory of their unusual skill (or those who don’t really follow everyone else’s script at this time of year):

Well played, you might be onto something.

Sorry if this all feels a bit rushed, I am Option 1 and have a wifey song to finish writing. Have a great end to the year everyone!

Love jake

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