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*NEW* Choose weekly or monthly emails from me

Want fewer face-melting electric guitar solos like this one? Dialled Down A Skosh could be for you.

Hey look

It’s a video of me covering the solo from Beat It in about 2007. To the trained ear it’s an ugly hack-job, but to a casual observer it looks quite impressive. Note the poor framing and video resolution, both typical for the period. It’s also a passable example of today’s special topic.


Greetings from a campsite in an undisclosed location. The birds are singing, the marshmallows are toasting, and the car is a poor surrogate for a fridge.

I appreciate that some people joined this newsletter expecting…. I dunno… maybe the occasional bit of news. Like the fact I have a new single out next week, that sort of thing.

My (mostly) weekly emails since January may have been an unexpected delight to you, but I suppose the alternative could be contemplated.

Not to fear, introducing JMFLEN Dialled Down A Skosh.

This is a variation of the newsletter for those who would still like to get emails from me, but could actually to be honest quite happily live without demos, podcasts, videos of a solo I once played and 3000 words philosophising about the nature of a G chord.

Basically I pick a post each month or so and send that to you. Nothing else.

It’s an altogether more refined experience. Just the basic facts please sir.

If all this feels up your street and knocking on your door and yes actually thank god please come in and take the spare room, you just have to tweak the settings in your Account Page. It will look a bit like this:

You can change your mind anytime.
You’re powerful, confident, in control, and all is well.

Right. New single out next week. More then.
Back to the warm cider.

love jake x

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Jake Morley’s Famously Loss-Making Email Newsletter
Jake Morley’s Famously Loss-Making Email Newsletter
Jake Morley